Your key to the DeFiChain ecosystem

Gain access to the DeFi landscape through non-custodial wallets designed for a multitude of requirements.

Daily access to DeFiChain

These wallets provide lightweight, easy access to DeFiChain’s suite of features. Best suited for users who interact with DeFiChain on a near-daily basis, while not compromising on speed and security of funds.

DeFiChain wallet mobile app

Lightweight, instant access to Decentralized Finance for Bitcoin, at your fingertips.

DFX wallet mobile app

Buy and sell DeFiChain assets with simple bank transfers, and use non-custodial DFX wallet to participate in DeFiChain applications such as Liquidity Mining and $DFI Staking.

Advanced usage of DeFiChain

Advanced wallets that are suited for complex usage of DeFiChain, such as masternode management, multi-signature management, and more.

DeFi Wallet desktop app

Transact, liquidity mine, swap and more with the full-featured and fully-decentralized wallet app. Full node included.

DeFi wallet for Raspberry Pi

A version of the desktop wallet for Raspberry Pi 4B 4GB with official Raspberry Pi OS (32-Bit).


Transact and interact with DeFiChain through a command line interface. Full node included.

DeFiChain Electrum

Multi-signature DeFiChain wallet built with Electrum for treasury use cases and more.